older black and deckker coffee grinder.

Coffee grinders are for more than just coffee

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Coffee grinders are a great addition to your kitchen. Of course, it can help grind whole-bean coffee. But it can also help you grind spices or dried herbs.

User friendly

Most coffee grinders are very easy to use and have a pressure button to activate the grinder. I have a very old (20-plus years) Black and Decker coffee grinder that we use for spices and herbs.

older black and deckker coffee grinder.
coffee grinder

The coffee grinder has a simple slim design and removable plastic top. It used to have a cleaning brush but that was misplaced or lost years ago.

It has two blades that grind your coffee, spices, or dried herbs.

coffee gringer wtih the lid removed.

Works great for grinding rock salt

I had a container of Himalayan pink salt that needed to be ground up. I wanted to refill a ground salt jar.

Depending on the size of the salt grains you may use a teaspoon or a table spoon to fill the grinder. You don’t want to overfill it.

I think I used two teaspoons and a half.

I placed the lid back on the grinder and pressed the button. Within seconds the rock salt was pulverized into a smooth salt.

Himalayan pink solt before and after grinding.
From rock salt to fine grind in seconds.

I refilled my jar in a few minutes.

The salt was broken up smoothly without any caking or clumping.

Once I was done I gave the grinder a good rinse and dried it well.

It works great for dried herbs too

My mom uses it for grinding dehydrated kale or other hers she has. It works great when breaking up Rosemary as well. Then she just fills an old spice container and has her herb powder ready for cooking.

I like that it gives a nice smooth texture to the herbs and it breaks them down fully. You don’t have any chunks of dehydrated kale stem or uneven Rosemary leaves.

Great for small-batch blends

A coffee grinder is great if you just want to grind small batches of spices, herbs, or even coffee. You can create your own spice blends as well.

I found the latest version of the Black and Decker coffee grinder for under $20 USD ( price may vary).

Do you have a coffee grinder? Share your favorite use for it in the comments.

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