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Are you watching Interview with the Vampire Are you watching?

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I thought I’d share another binge-worthy show to watch.

I’ve finished up the 2nd season of AMC + Interview with the Vampire. You can also sign up for this channel on Amazon Video.

Is it like the book?

The show embodies many portions and storylines of the book but has a modern twist. Some characters have been added and some have been changed. To say it frankly it’s a fresh take on the book.

There are some new aspects but the storyline is easy to follow as it is in the book.

The acting is great

All of the actors have good chemistry and the acting isn’t overly dramatic or dare I say campy. If you’ve read the book you know the storyline can have darker overtones. Yet the storyline flows well and doesn’t seem to drag on.

I like that it breaks down many chapters of the book into segments for us as viewers to explore and experience.

The show holds true to Anne Rice’s vision

Even though the story has been given a modern flare there are still many echoes of Anne Rice’s vision for Louis and Lestat. You see Louis’s guilt and disappointment at times with Vampire life. In turn, you see Lesat’s opulence and regalness. Along with this turn on a dime temper.

You find a way to identify with the characters in a way. (maybe that’s just me.) But you how the illusion of everlasting life can be. All the changes they experience only to be unhappy at times.

I felt for Claudia the most because she was stuck in her child’s body for eternity. Nothing like being 33 and still looking like a kid.

Yes there’s gore

With any vampire show you do expect some gore. This doesn’t disappoint. At times it may be excessive. I’m not much of a horror movie watcher so sometimes I did look away from the blood splatter. But as the show goes on it isn’t as central as it was in the beginning.

You can sign up for AMC plus, or see if it’s on AMC as well.

Share your thoughts on the show below.

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