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Are stores limiting gift card usage?

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I happened to be using a gift card recently and noticed that some stores are limiting gift card usage.

Why the limits

I know gift card theft has been on the rise for years. So maybe that is why so many stores are limiting the gift card usage limits.

When I used mine from Target, I had $60 in gift cards. I noticed that they only used $35 worth. I don’t know if there is a limitation to how many gift cards can be used in one transaction. I was using the Target app so that may have been the case. When I’ve used physical cards in-store I haven’t had any issues. But I usually only use one card at a time.

It’s just not limited to stores

I happened to be out a few weeks ago with a friend. We stopped off at our local TGI Fridays. I noticed a sign that stated that only two gift cards would be allowed per transaction. Once again I can only assume this had to do with gift card scams being on the rise. I would think it would be a hassle to handle multiple gift cards at one time especially if the customers are in a large party.

Is this a good thing?

I think it is because in hindsight you can use the unused gift card during another purchase. You can also use them online as well.

Yet it does make me wonder if limiting gift card usage is really helpful. I see the issue with gift card fraud and how many consumers are affected in the long run. But limiting gift card purchases seems a bit odd to me.

But then again what do I know I’m just sharing my opinion.

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