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I was able to select a free Nature’s way Alive vitamin product thanks to Try It sampling recently. The vitamins arrived yesterday afternoon.

I opened the bottle today.

The gummies are dense and opaque. They also have an interesting taste. The online info states it’s a mixed berry but to me, it’s more citrus with berry. But that just maybe how I taste it. I also want to say the lid was a bit annoying to open.

It’s one of those press-down and turn type lids. Whoever came up this these lids should be forced to open one of these products. It took me a minute or so to open it the lid kept clicking and would only twist upward so far.

where to buy

The gummies are sold in a few sizes. 60, 130 and 150 count(s) bottles. They range in price from $10 to around $23 USD (price may vary by count size and retailer.)

You can visit the brand direct link to learn more about the product.

I also found the product at Target and Amazon.

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